Policy Review Adding CAP Ladder Tournament to the official circuit


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The Ladder Tournament has been pretty popular and served as a great way to get talented players to play on the ladder. It also really boosted the PS Room's activity. There was some mention of this on Discord, but there is legitimate interest in adding a ladder tournament to the next official circuit.

Personally, I am torn on the idea, so I wanted to ask for more opinions on this. I'll list some initial pros and cons here:

  • Higher signups for future ladder tournaments
  • Higher room activity
  • Higher ladder population
  • Accessible tournament for the ladder heroes
  • Diversity in types of tournaments in the circuit
  • Easier way for the people who play on ladder to get into the metagame, perhaps cutting down on the number of "6 cappers" that populate the low ranks
  • More volatile than other official tournaments: the ladder tour altogether is a more volatile system, as there is an element of randomness to who qualifies.
  • Takes away some of the fun of the ladder tournament: a big reason the tournament was so fun was messing around in call while playing it. This would have to cease if the tournament was official.
  • Crowded circuit/replacing an existing tournament
I'd love to hear some thoughts on this proposal!
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